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05 06 2024

CERIS Disaster-Resilient Societies Annual Event 2024 Bruselas 5-7 Junio

  • Fecha de inicio 5 junio
  • Fecha de finalización 7 junio
  • LugarBruselas
  • OrganizadorDGHOME

Descripción del evento

DGHOME organiza su próxima reunión anual dCERIS sobre Sociedades Resilientes a Desastres en Bruselas los días 5-7 de Junio 2024.

CERIS es la Comunidad Europea de Investigación e Innovación en Seguridad (Security, Cybersec., Desastres-Crisis) en la que participa PESI desde su creación.

La Secretaría Técnica de PESI participa como invitada a este evento anual, pudiendo representar a sus Socios interesados que no puedan asistir personalmente. 

Adjuntamos la invitación para inscribirse en el evento CERIS (previa adhesión a la Comunidad europea). En caso de duda o cualquier apoyo no dudési en poneros en contacto con la Secretaría Técnica de PESI ( ).

CERIS Disaster-Resilient Societies Annual Event 2024

Following the CERIS event that will take place on 21st March within the framework of the International CBRNs Conference in Strasbourg, the next CERIS Disaster-Resilient Societies (DRS) event will be held on the 5-7 June 2024 in Brussels. It will be back-to-back with the Union Civil Protection (UCP) Forum on 4-5 June in the framework of which several DRS projects will participate in the Exhibition (more than 1200 expected participants) and/or in panels within the Forum programme.

date:  05/06/2024 - 07/06/2024

This joint gathering stamps the goal of the CERIS meeting that will focus on “International to local cooperation”. In this context, the meeting will start by opening addresses on the 5th June in the afternoon and a networking event. The 6th June will then discuss issues related to international to local cooperation from different perspectives in the form of thematic panels, namely:

  1. Disaster Risk Reduction (DRR) Research in the context of UN / EU cooperation, 
  2. Role of National and Thematic Networks – Interactions with CERIS,
  3. Synergy-Building among DRR research and capacity-building projects, return of experience,
  4. Combining top-down and Bottom-up cooperation in the area of Disaster Risk Management – Challenges and perspectives and a round-table about “Breaking the walls and/or Bridging Sectors and Disciplines?”

 On the 7th June, panels will discuss challenges to “reach the local levels and provide access to disaster resilience knowledge”. In this respect, the thematic panels will cover discussions on:

  1. Societal resilience – Involvement of local authorities and citizens in DRR research, 
  2. Technologies for first and second responders – Road to uptake, where are we standing?, 
  3. Prevention / Preparedness in support of disaster resilience – A harmonised approach for geohazards and weather / climatic extreme events?, and
  4. Resilience to CBRN threats – Lessons learned in the medical emergency sector.

The event will take place at the BAO venue (Brussels), starting at 16:30 on the 5th June (to leave time for participants in the UCP Forum to reach the venue). The agenda of the 6th June will run from 9:00 until 17:30 followed by a networking event, and from 9:00 until 16:15 on the 7th June. A first draft of the agenda will be made available in mid-April. Possible interest for active participation from DRS and other (ISF, ECHO etc.) projects are welcome before April 12th. Registrations will be opened at the end of April (a link will be sent by that time) and closed on May 25th.

We invite you to save the date for this event and to contact us for any questions that you might have.

Information and registration

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