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05 03 2024

Comisión Europea DGHOME CERIS Key Enabling Technologies Bruselas 5-Mar-2024

  • Fecha de inicio 5 marzo
  • Fecha de finalización 5 marzo
  • LugarBruselas
  • OrganizadorDGHOME

Descripción del evento

CERIS (comunidad de usuarios de investigación e innovación en Seguridad), coordinada por la DGHOME de la Comisión Europea, y en la que participa PESI desde sus comienzos, organiza el evento de Prospectiva y Tecnologías facilitadoras en Seguridad civil que se celebrará en Bruselas el 5 de Marzo.

Nota: interesados en participar en CERIS de forma activa o recibir información de sus actividades y eventos contactar con la secretaría técnica de PESI (Javier Larrañeta, secretario-tecnico@pesi-seguridadindustrial.org)

Invitación formal al Evento CERIS

We are pleased to invite you to the upcoming CERIS workshop on Foresight and Key Enabling Technologies, taking place in Brussels (Le Bouche à Oreille) on 5 March 2024.

Anticipating the future, both in terms of threats and of opportunities offered by new emerging technologies is a real challenge. Having the capacity to depict plausible futures, to identify upcoming threats and to propose early responses can be of invaluable help to decision makers. Many organisations, including the European Commission, have developed instruments that provide timely assessment of technology trends on a regular basis.

The broad technology landscape does not show frequent fluctuations, and a plethora of tools and ready-made information products unveiling trends in different time horizons are widely available. However, pure technology watch-based approaches should shift the focus from a purely technological standpoint to the way in which these technologies are and will be used in a given policy, operational, industrial and societal context.

The aim of the event is to analyse the key components that should be addressed for a more tailored foresight approach to civil security and to make the necessary links with Key Enabling Technologies (KETs) [1]. In addition, a panel discussion on potential ways to strengthen the end-user’s foresight capacity and the EU's technological sovereignty in KETs will be presented.

[1] Key Enabling Technologies (KETs) should be understood as technologies, which alone or in combination with other technologies have the potential to significantly enhance or deliver new capabilities.

Register for the workshop here.
Please note that agenda will follow at the later stage.

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