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26 10 2021

ESReDA: Creating Safe and Resilient Logistic Systems (Wroclaw, PL)

  • Fecha de inicio26 octubre
  • Fecha de finalización27 octubre
  • LugarWroclaw (Poland)
  • OrganizadorESReDA

Descripción del evento

ESReDA, Asociación Europea de Seguridad y Fiabilidad, con la que PESI colabora, organiza un Seminario internacional sobre Seguridad y Resiliencia en los sistemas de Logística, al que miembros de PESI pueden presentar sus comunicaciones.

"59th ESReDA Seminar on Creating Safe and Resilient Logistic Systems"

Announcement and Call for papers

Scope of the seminar: The issues of safe and resilient logistics systems constitute the competitive advantage of supply chains. Current enterprises implement their processes in a variable and uncertain environment. These conditions significantly affect the accuracy and effectiveness of decisions. Managers’ attention is focused primarily on events related to the occurrence of operational risk. In this case, the source of risks is internal disturbances in companies and processes implemented at organizations’ interfaces. Today, however, in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic, disaster risk research is also gaining particular importance. The consequences of the current pandemic indicate the necessity for companies to develop also competencies concerning the assessment and management of “black swan” risks. For this reason, creating secure and resilient supply chains takes on particular importance today. For this reason, the issues to be raised during the 59th ESReDA seminar “Creating Safe and Resilient Logistic Systems” are important not only for scientific but also utilitarian reasons.

The Seminar aims to discuss theories, concepts, and experiences of enhancing the use of knowledge for better reliability, resilience, and risk management. The presented research results, operational proposals, and case studies will respond to enterprises’ managerial staff’s current problems throughout Europe. Thus, this Seminar will bring together researchers, practitioners, specialists, and decision-makers to discuss strategies and practical experiences in the given field of research.

The 59th ESReDA seminar will be held on October 26‐27, 2021, hosted by the Wroclaw University of Science and Technology, Wroclaw, Poland.

Topics include (but are not limited to)

  • Designing reliable logistics networks;

  • Design and optimization in transport and logistics;

  • Modelling and simulation of logistics and transport processes;

  • Planning and management of logistics and transport processes;

  • Efficiency and sustainability of supply chains;

  • Risk assessment and decision theory in transport and logistics systems;

  • Safety and quality in transport and logistics;

  • Failure consequences on human lives, activities, and environmental damage;

  • Organizational and societal modelling;

  • Sustainable transport development;

  • Operation and maintenance of logistic systems;

  • Threats identifications & specifications

  • Design of logistics and transport systems

  • Supply Chain Risk Management

  • Physical asset management under risk and uncertainty

  • Resilience of logistic systems and supply chain

  • Threats in Logistics 4.0

  • Industrial case studies in Logistics and Transportation.

Seminar organization: The Seminar is jointly organized by ESReDA and Wroclaw University of Science and Technology.

Submission of abstracts: before 15th of June 2021.

Info: 59th ESReDA Seminar (26-27 October 2021, Wroclaw, Poland) – ESReDA

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